Indofood CBP is an established market-leading producer of packaged food products, with a diverse product range providing everyday food solutions for consumers of all ages. Many of its product brands enjoy significant Top-of-Mind status in Indonesia, and gave gained the trust and loyalty of millions of Indonesian consumers for decades.

Indofood exports its products to more than 60 countries.

Products for export

Instant Noodles
Indofood offers a variety of noodle products such as instant bag and cup noodles renowed for their quality, excellence of taste and high level of acceptance with consumers. The main brands for export are Indomie, Supermi, Pop Mie and Sarimi

The company exports sweetened condensed milk and ultra high temperature milk under Indomilk brand

Food Seasonings
Indofood produces various food seasonings under Indofood brand

Snack Foods
Indofood is the leading producer for both western and traditional snacks, under Chitato brand and cassava chips under Qtela brand, as well as biscuits under Trenz and Wonderland brands

Nutrition & Special Foods
Food for infant and toddlers under Promina brand

Flour and Pasta
Indofood offers high quality wheat flour under Segitiga Biru and Cakra Kembar brands. Also pasta products under La Fonte brand.

Edible Oil & Fats
Indofood exports cooking oil under Bimoli brand. Also exports margarine and shortening under Palmia, Simas and Amanda brands.

Pelatihan Bahasa Indonesia Penutur Asing


Halo teman-teman! Pada tanggal 5-8 Mei 2016 , Kelas Bahasa Indonesia akan menyelenggarakan kelas pelatihan untuk teman-teman yang tertarik untuk menjadi pengajar di Kelas Bahasa Indonesia. Dengan dukungan dari KBRI di Beijing dan PPIT Harbin, para pembicara yang didatangkan untuk pelatihan ini adalah pelatih yang sudah berpengalaman dari BIPA.Pelatihan ini akan diadakan dalam 2 kloter:
Kloter I
5-6 Mei 2016 (Kamis-Jumat)
Pukul 17.00-20:00

Kloter II
7-8 Mei 2016 (Sabtu-Minggu)
Pukul 14:00-17:00
Tempat : Ruangan ISC 512

Selain mendaptkan pelatihan, kalian juga akan mendapatkan Sertifikat, Souvenir dan Snack !!!
Setelah acara selesai, kita akan makan bareng di restoran (  FREE LHO !! ), kapan lgi free makan plus tambah ilmu?

Ayo daftarkan dirimu sekarang juga !!
*tempat terbatas

Backpack Design Competition




Indonesian Student Association in China (PPIT) Back-pack Design Competition officially starts! Win cash prizes, exclusive gifts and also certificate for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner!!

The best selected design is going to be produced with the designer name put alongside the design.
Show your best talent and creativities!

Contact Person:
Felicia (wechat: felazuardi , 13114508030)
Tabitha (wechat: tabithaclara , 18603613893)